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How is the extended employee profile activated?

Last Updated a year ago

By default, the extended profile page is disabled. You can enable the extended profile page, so after clicking on a contact, an employee will no longer go directly to the chat, but to the employees profile page (the chat will of course remain and can be accessed separately).

Activate extended profile page

Step 1:

In the administration area, switch to Settings -> User. Activate the setting Enable extended profile page.


Step 2:

It may take a few minutes for the setting to take effect.
As an employee, switch to Contacts and click on an employee's name.


Step 3:

Now you will see the extended profile page activated in step 1.


Activate employee profile additional fields

You can display custom defined additional fields in the profile of all employees. If this option is disabled, only the employee's email address will be displayed in the respective profile by default.

In the administration area, under Settings -> User you can Activate employee profile additional fields.


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