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What page types can be created in the employee app?

Last Updated 2 years ago

00 Normal content page
Here you have the option to customize the page with the following content elements:
Formatted Text, Pure Text, HTML, Link to Page, Link to External Page, Embed File from Library, Survey, Feedback Form, Push Notifications (history).

01 News
Here you create a second news feed, where you can define the desired content or desired posts via tags.

02 Chats
With this setting you can show the chat function also in the main menu (left).

03 Profile
With this setting you can show the profile of the user also in the main menu (left).

04 Library
With this setting you have the possibility to create another library with various documents.

05 Recommendation
With this setting you can display the recommendation function for an open position also in the main menu (left).

06 Reward
Create another goodies store by assigning tags to define the contents.

07 Logout
Separate menu item to log out from LOLYO.

08 Help pages introduction
Use this function to show the introduction or help pages in the menu.

09 Vacancies
Create an additional job page where you can assign tags to it to define the content or specific job openings.

10 Bulletin board
Create an additional Bulletin board for specific topics.

11 Dates
Create appointments for various topics.

12 External link
Here you have the possibility to link to an external page.

13 External App
Using this page type, you can create a direct link to native apps.

14 ePostbox
This page displays documents sent via the ePostbox.

50 Submenu

This page type is like a folder, pages can be assigned to it.

99 Public home
You can create a public home page that can be viewed without being logged in.

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