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How does direct linking to native apps work?

Last Updated 3 years ago

You have the option to provide your employees with a link, which allows an app to be opened with one click without having to leave LOLYO.

Step 1:

In the administration area, open Pages & Menu. Click on Create a Site.


Step 2:

Enter a page title, select External App as the page type, enable the respective groups, and click Save.


Step 3:

Add the Android App - Package Name or the iOS/iPhone App - App Query Scheme - the respective app can be accessed directly via this link. Enter the fallback URLs for the Play Store or App Store, the app can thus be downloaded if it is not yet installed.
In the browser view, a link can be inserted to open the app via web browser.


Step 4:

As an employee, the link to the app you just entered can now be called directly from LOLYO.


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