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Can administrator groups with limited permissions be created?

Last Updated a year ago

You have the possibility to create a new administrator group that can only see / edit content for specific groups in the administration area.

Example: You have the group 'Marketing', which contains all employees of the marketing department. Now you want to give one of these employees the permission to create / edit posts for this group.

Create a new group, e.g. 'Marketing-Admins' and additionally select the permission Post read/edit, then select the group 'Marketing' and 'Marketing-Admins':


Under Employees you assign the group 'Marketing admins' to this person and from now on an administration area icon appears for this person, but only posts for the group "Marketing" can be edited.

If a post is assigned to more than one group in addition to 'Marketing', for which the person has no visibility permission, it will not be shown.

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