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How does the group system work in LOLYO?

Last Updated 3 years ago

LOLYO is equipped with a group system throughout. I.e. each employee can belong to one or more groups. 
As a result, contributions, documents, etc. can also be assigned to one or more groups. Thus, employees only see entries that are relevant to them.

1. Create/edit groups

In the administration area under groups you have the possibility to create or edit additional groups.


2. Assign employees to group(s)

Make sure that each employee is assigned to at least one group. If the employee is not assigned to any group, no content will be visible.


3. Visibility posts, documents etc.

Assign each document / content to at least one group so that they can access the content.


4. Pages & menu

You also have the possibility to filter whole pages according to the selected groups.


5. (optional) Enable pages and menu

If you don't see any pages, click Enable pages and content to enable all functions.


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