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Additional important settings regarding deletion periods

Last Updated 2 years ago

In principle, the default settings for the deletion periods can be left as they are configured by default - however, please check them and adjust them according to your preferences.

Administration menu - Settings - Default:


Delete chat messages after x days

Chat messages AND bulletin board entries are deleted after X days.

In the chat / on the bulletin board, content can be generated directly by employees. The GDPR does not allow for unlimited storage of such data, therefore certain deletion periods must be set according to the GDPR. Because of this, the maximum possible storage is 1095 days.

If you want to provide information permanently, please use news posts and / or the library for this purpose.

Deactivate posts after x days

For news posts, a value for Stop publishing is automatically set after X days.


Delete logs after x days

System logs that are used to analyse / isolate technical problems are automatically deleted after X days.

Delete form entries after x days

Data from filled out forms will be deleted after X days.

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