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Employee ID card using custom pages

Last Updated 2 years ago

On this page, we would like to show you how an internal employee ID card can be easily created in LOLYO using a custom page.


Navigate in the administration menu to the menu item Pages & Menu. Create a new page, e.g. with the page type 00 Normal content page.


Step 2:

Add the content Formatted Text.


Step 3:

Create the content as you like and use the available placeholders to display information dynamically.


The existing placeholders or those displayed below the editorĀ refer to the extended profile fields, among others (more information on the extended profile fields). If you are missing fields here, please simply create them via the extended profile fields.

Step 4:

If you have set the visibility correctly, the employees will now see the new page "Employee ID card" in the menu. There, the data is now displayed based on the currently logged inĀ user.



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