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Employee ID card using extended profile fields

Last Updated 2 years ago

On this page we would like to show you how an internal employee ID card can be easily created in LOLYO using the extended profile fields.

Step 1:

Activate the employee profile additional fields:

You can use custom defined, additional fields in the profile of all employees. If this option is deactivated, by default only the e-mail address of the employees is displayed in the respective profile.

In the administration area, navigate to Settings - Users. Activate the option Activate employee profile additional fields.


Step 2:

Create the desired fields. For the employee ID card, for example, the field "Job description" would be suitable in order to have the corresponding job description of the person stored in their respective profile.


When creating the field, you can also decide whether the values of this field can be filled in by the employees themselves or whether only users with administrative rights can edit them.

More information on creating new fields:
How can new fields be created for the extended employee profile?

Step 3:

After you have created the desired fields and filled them with data, they are visible in the profile of the respective employee:


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