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What should be considered when assigning access data?

Last Updated 5 months ago

1. Unique username

LOLYO identifies users by their user name / code. This must therefore be unique.

2. Leading zeros in the user name

A known problem in the handling of user names are leading zeros, e.g. when importing / converting to another format it often happens that these zeros are removed. For more information see: What should be considered when importing or exporting CSV data?

3. Simple allocation of data

To simplify matters, we suggest using a simple standard password that employees should change themselves after the first login. However, you can also assign the respective employee's date of birth as a password.

4. initial password

We generally recommend assigning an initial password. However, it is not necessary and can be assigned at the first login. However, care must then be taken to ensure that the user name is a longer code that cannot be guessed.
Special case SSO: Always set a long password, even if an external SSO service is used. Otherwise, someone could guess the user name before the first login and use the fallback login.

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