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What to do if users have forgotten their login data?

Last Updated 3 years ago

1. Username

The user names can be viewed here: Administration area -> Employees -> pencil icon at the respective staff member -> Username/Code.


Alternatively, if you have performed an employee import via CSV file, you can also view the user names here: Administration area -> Employees -> Import/Codes -> Check imported list.



2. Password

You can reset/change the password of an employee by either changing it directly at the employee (Administration area -> Employees -> Pencil icon at the respective employee), or by re-importing your CSV list:
Administration area
-> Employees -> Import/Codes -> Employees in CSV will be inserted or updated.


If employees should be able to reset the password themselves, activate the option "Request access data", see: How to activate the option "Request access data"?

Note: To be able to request login data yourself, a valid email address must be stored for the respective employee.

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