Is it possible to embed YouTube videos?

Last Updated a year ago

You have the possibility to embed YouTube videos or external images directly in LOLYO, so that the content is accessible /displayed without having to leave LOLYO.

Step 1:

In the administration area, switch to Pages & Menu. Click on Create a Site.


Step 2:

Enter a page title, select the page type 00 Normal content page and the employee groups. Click Save.


Step 3:

Now click Add Content and select Formatted Text.


Step 4:

In the now opened editor you can embed images and videos. For this example, we click Insert / Edit Media.


Step 5:

In the Source field we enter our link to the YouTube video. The dimensions will be added automatically. After that we confirm with OK and Save the block.


Step 6:

Employees will now find the page which was just created in their navigation menu and have the option to play the video directly without leaving the app.


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