How do I create a form?

Last Updated 2 years ago

Step 1:

Go to the administration area and select Forms from the menu.


Step 2:

Click Create a new form, fill in the provided fields for it and click Save.


Choose between Save forms (inputs are saved directly in LOLYO) or Notification emails (inputs are sent to email address). You can also activate both options simultaneously.


Step 3:

Click on Create a new form field to add a form field to the form. Enter the desired name and confirm with Save.


Step 4:

Now the answers available for selection can be added.


Step 5:

Go to Pages & Menu, edit a Normal Content page and click Add Content here, select Form.


Step 6:

Select the desired form and click Save Block.


Step 7 (optional):

Forms can be configured to be filled out more than once. Please beware of the difference between the two settings daily and every 24 hours.

every 24 hours: If the form is filled out e.g. today at 12:15h, it can be filled out again tomorrow at 12:16h at the earliest.

daily: If the form is filled in e.g. today at 12:15h, it can be filled in again tomorrow at 00:01 AM at the earliest.


Examples of forms:
For requests from individual employees, e.g.: Vacation request, sick leave, idea feedback, lunch break registrations, etc...

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