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How do I create a survey?

Last Updated 3 years ago

Step 1:

Go to the Administration area and select Surveys from the menu.


Step 2:

Click Create a new Survey, fill in the fields provided for it, and click Save.


Step 3:

Click on Create new question to add a question to the survey. Confirm it with Save after you have filled in the fields.


In case of a multiple choice question, enter the answers with the Enter key.
Each paragraph is an answer.

Step 4:

Click Save. The survey is now ready and can be added to any post or custom page if you wish.


Step 5:

To add a survey in a news post, create a new post or edit an existing one. Click Attach Survey, and then click Save.


Step 6:

To add a survey in a Custom Page, create a new Custom Page or edit an existing one. Click Add Content and select Survey.


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