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How is a job advertisement created?

Last Updated 3 years ago

Step 1:

Go to the Administration Area and select Vacancies from the menu.


Step 2:

Click on New job offer.


Step 3:

Fill in the predefined fields with all the information you have provided about your job description. You are also able to attach a PDF.


Step 4:

If you are working with our motivation system, set the amount of points that can be earned. Then click Save.


Tip: You have the option to set the job offers to draft in the page menu until you have entered all job offers.

Signature/image on your job posting: The "Company imprint" is always attached, which can be edited under Settings -> Texts. Here you will find an editor. Simply drag the desired image into the editor. The image must come from a website so that an email client can load the image.

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