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What data do the statistics offer me?

Last Updated 3 years ago

1. General

All displayed data refer to the respective selected date. To change the period, click on the date.


Accesses counts all logins of all users (however, multiple accesses of a user within one hour only count as ONE access).

Active Users are all employees who have logged in at least once (app or web browser).

2. Posts (views)


Views are all calls of all employees. Each new call is counted.

Views Sessions
In contrast, a views session is a group of views made in one session by one collaborator. For View Sessions, only one call is counted per collaborator within a session, even if the post was clicked multiple times.

Example: Thus, if the user has the app open for about ten minutes, and he views the post five times in a row, it is counted as one view per session.

Views Unique
The views unique indicate how many different employees have actually viewed the article. Multiple views do not count.

3. Live Statistic


Live Stats
After clicking Live Stats you can see the number, identity (first and last name) and used application (website or app) of currently logged in employees.


If you would like to deactivate this option, e.g. for data protection reasons, please contact our support:

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