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How does the integrated motivation system work?

Last Updated 3 years ago


The motivation system integrated into LOLYO is designed to encourage employees to participate in social activities within the employee app. The goodies serve as an incentive for this. Each company can define which goodies are added and how many points the employees have to earn in order to redeem them for goodies.

Deactivate points system

You can deactivate the complete points system under Administration -> Settings -> Default -> Points mode. In the employee view, all references to the points will then also disappear (it takes a few minutes for this change to become active). Individual pages can be hidden under Pages & Menu (e.g. Reward).

Automatically set points for news posts to zero after X days

Alternatively, you can activate the option Earn points after x days set to 0 under Settings -> Post. This automatically changes all points which can be earned of all news posts to 0 after the selected days.


Set points to zero after X days for individual news posts

For each post, you also have the option of set a date directly in the respective post at which the points will be automatically changed to 0.


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