Automatically send Form Responses to my API

Last Updated 7 months ago

Receive Form Response

For every form, a receive API endpoint can be defined. The configuration for the receive endpoint can be found under "Form API connection" when editing the form.

There, an receiving url and basic-auth parameters can be configured.

After the configuration we recommend sending test requests via the testing feature. There, the whole request body is also displayed.

The request is being sent to the endpoint

  • immediately after form response if no workflow action is defined for sending API requests
  • immediately when workflow action which is configured to send API requests is executed

Only after the API endpoint was configured, API workflow actions can be defined.

Receive Request Body

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

Content-Disposition: form-data; name=formResponseJson

"formData": {
"FormId": 5,
"Title": "Sonderurlaub",
"Description": "Hier k├Ânnen Sie Ihren Sonderurlaub beantragen.",
"ItemState": 0
"formResponse": {
"FormResponseId": 1,
"DateInsert": "2023-09-11T14:50:44.3014499+02:00",
"Username": "",
"Answers": [
            "files": "",
            "FormFieldTitle": "When?",
            "AnswerText": "Test543004213",
            "DateInsert": "2023-09-11T14:50:44.3014477+02:00"

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