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How can I activate a reminder for appointments?

Last Updated 11 months ago

You can also set a specific reminder in addition to your respective appointment overview page - this will send participants a push message directly to their smartphone.

Set reminder as administrator:


Edit the respective appointment and add a new line for a reminder at the end. You can create as many reminders as you like.

Select who should receive this reminder - and optionally assign your own text to be displayed in the push message to the right of it.


Instead of or in addition to your own text, you can also select the placeholder {info}, in which case the date and the title of the appointment are output as text in the push message.


Set reminder as user:

People can also create their own reminders for published appointments:

By clicking on the bell symbol next to the respective appointment, you can activate reminders via push message, e.g. one hour before the start of the appointment.


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