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What must be considered for publishing the app in the public App Store (Apple)?

Last Updated 3 years ago

Should you want to publish your employee app in Apple's public app store, it is important that a certain part of the app content is of interest to a wide public audience. Therefore, it is necessary to design a public area in your employee app.

What is the public area?

The public area of your employee app is visible to all users, even if you are not logged into your employee app. Here you can publish general information about your company that is interesting for partners, customers or even potential new employees. This way, you make optimal use of the public area for your public relations.

Why do you need a public area?

Apple does not accept apps in its App Store that are reserved for certain users only. Therefore, you need a certain amount of public content that offers added value for all users. The app is then reviewed by Apple. This is done to assess whether the app has the necessary public relevance. For this reason, we recommend filling the public area with content that is of interest to a broad public audience.

What content is suitable for the public area?

Content that could be of interest to a wide public audience includes company news (articles/contributions), job postings, the range of products or services and also your company's contact details. You can also place links to your website and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram, etc.) in the public area of the app. A map with your company locations visually enhances the public area of your app and a calendar with publicly relevant appointments is also suitable for the public area of your employee app.

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