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How can I activate the biometric authentication to increase the login security?

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You can activate the biometrics per user group to increase the security of the login. In doing so, either a fingerprint or facial recognition can be used for the login instead of the password. You can also set biometric authentication to be required in addition to the password.

Step 1:

In the administration menu, navigate to Settings -> Users. Change the setting Enable biometrics to Yes.


Step 2:

Now switch to Groups and edit the desired group with the pencil symbol.


Step 3:

You will see the following settings after successfully activating the setting (step 1):


Biometric authentication (fingerprint/face unlock) required for every app launch:
If you activate this option, all members of this user group must use fingerprint or facial recognition when starting the app (depending on the settings on the respective device) in order to log in.

PIN, additionally allow patterns (fallback):
With this option, logging in via PIN/pattern (depending on the settings on the respective device) is also possible as an alternative.

In case of lack of biometrics & security, new password entry is required:
If your device does not offer the option of biometrics, the LOLYO password can be used as an alternative with this setting.

Desktop/browser requires new password entry:
Since biometric login is not possible when using LOLYO via a web browser, you can use this setting to force the password to be entered periodically for additional security.

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