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How to add dashboard content to pages?

Last Updated 8 months ago

You have the possibility to display additional content elements, divided into blocks, to a page.

Please note that this feature is only available in the desktop version - but not the app (due to physical size limitations).

Here you can see a news page with dashboard elements as an example:


Admin view:


In the center, the news are displayed as usual.

On the left, your own profile is displayed, as well as useful links.

On the right the events, and upcoming dates.

You can add content to your already existing pages:

Step 1:

In the administration menu, switch to Pages & Menu.


Edit an existing page or create a new one.


Step 2:

Here we would like to add an additional form to the Company event page. For column we choose the left side.


Step 3:

The form is now shown in the desktop version to the left of the appointments on this page.


You can already see while adding content whether the content can be inserted on the left, in the center or on the right - the content Links as an example can only be positioned on the right or on the left, but not in the center.


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