Formular zur Beantragung der Bereitstellung als nicht gelistete App über Ihren eigenen Apple Developer Account

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Der Benutzer / die Apple-ID mit der Rolle Accountinhaber kann den Distributionsweg über folgende Link beantragen:


Hilfestellung Formular:


App Name:
Individueller App Name

Apple ID of App:
Individuelle App ID (zu finden im App Store)


Describe in detail the business problem your app solves:
This is an informal- and communication-app for all users which are in business relationship with the company. That means, it's for partners, employees, contractors but also for end customers which are not part of the company.

Why do you prefer to distribute this app unlisted on the App Store instead of privately to specific organizations on Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager?
Many users of this app are not part of the company who use their private iPhones. The users are also often outside the country, so the ABM is not suitable.

What is the estimated size of your app's user base?
Estimated size X employees


Who is the audience for your app?
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In what regions will your app be available?
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