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How can the "live translation" be activated?

Last Updated 2 years ago

If the automatic translation has been enabled in your LOLYO instance, it's possible to translate comments in news posts and pinboard entries with 1-click.


Step 1:

Navigate to Pages & Menu in the administration menu. Edit a page of type 01 News or 10 Bulletin board.


Step 2:

Change the status for OnDemand translation to Activated.


Step 3:

In the user area, comments from other languages can now be translated into the currently selected language in LOLYO. In this example, on the left, the news article with german language, on the right English selected as language.

The user with English as selected language now has the possibility to translate comments into his own language.


After clicking Show translation the comment will be translated.


After a page reload, the original text is displayed again - but the translation can be displayed again at any time.

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