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How can the start page which users see after the login be selected?

Last Updated 2 years ago

You can specify which page should be opened/displayed after login.

Step 1:

In the administration menu, navigate to Pages & Menu. Click Select Home at the very bottom.


Step 2:

Activate the desired page using the check mark.


This page will now be shown for all users after the login.

Additional information:

You also have the option to designate more than one page as the home page.
In this case, the sorting on this page counts as prioritization (top = highest priority, bottom = lowest priority).


In this example, News was chosen as the primary home page. If the respective employee does not have the visibility permission for the News page, the Bulletin board would be displayed instead. If there is no visibility permission for the Bulletin board page, the Chats Page would be displayed, etc.

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