How can the eBox add-on be activated?

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The eBox is an additional add-on that can be activated for your LOLYO instance on request.

With the help of the eBox, you can encrypt documents with sensitive data such as payslips, service contracts, master data sheets, etc. and simply distribute them to only those persons for whom these data are actually intended.

If, for example, you organise the payslips according to a certain scheme by adapting the file names in advance, you can make all the payslips accessible to the appropriate people with just one "click" in LOLYO.

Step 1:

You can find the menu item Add-Ons in the administration menu.


If this add-on has not yet been activated, please contact

Step 2:

aAfter the eBox has been activated, the new menu item appears in the administration menu.


In addition, the new eBox page was automatically created under Pages & Menu.

ATTENTION: Please adjust the visibility of this page - after activation this page is by default ONLY visible to the Administrator group!


Step 3:

The distribution/assignment of the documents can now take place. You can choose whether you want to publish the documents only to individual recipients, or several recipients at once.


Single recipient:

To send only a single document to individual recipients, select a name and simply drag the document into the lower grey area. The option File encrypt is always activated by default.


Multiple recipients (batch):

In order to be able to distribute many documents to a wide mass of people, batch upload is suitable. Only the names of the documents have to be adapted/prepared in advance.

In this case, we choose the file name 'Payslip-RespectiveLOLYOUsername-April.pdf'.


Now we only need to specify the file name pattern in our eBox, in this case 'payslip-{code}-April.pdf'.

Which file name patterns are possible with the eBox?

After the name has been specified, the files can be dragged and dropped into the lower grey area.


A success message should now be displayed at the bottom of the page, and it should be visible to whom the documents were sent.


Step 4:

If the upload was successful, the documents are visible to the respective employees in the user area under the eBox page:


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