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How can news posts be made public so they can be viewed without logging in?

Last Updated 3 years ago

News can be given the status "Public" so that they can be viewed in LOLYO even without logging in.

Step 1:

Create a new post or edit an existing one in the administration menu.


Step 2:

Adjust the settings as usually and activate the status Public.


Step 3:

Switch to the menu item Pages & Menu.


Step 4:

Enter a page title, set as page type 01 News and also activate the status Public. Define the visibility for groups and select the status Published.


Step 5:

After clicking Save content can be added. Select News here.
You can optionally filter the displayed content by tags, set the method of sorting and maximum amount of news posts.


Finally, click Save Block.

Step 6:

If LOLYO is now called up without performing a login, the news just created can still be called up and viewed.


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