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How can the privacy statement be made accessible to already active employees?

Last Updated 2 years ago

Step 1:

Click on the Pages & Menu item in the administration menu.


Step 2:

Click Create a Site.


Step 3:

Select a page title, the page type 00 Normal content page, the visibility for groups and the status.


Step 4:

Now add new content. The placeholder of the privacy policy can be added to the following content elements: Formatted Text, Pure Text or HTML.


Step 5:

In the editor, insert the placeholder {DataPrivacy} and click Save Block.


Step 6:

After the block has been saved, the placeholder automatically inserts the text stored under Settings -> Texts -> Privacy Text Employees.


If you want to display the default text, please replace the contact details at the end manually.


Step 7:

Employees will now find the newly created Privacy policy page in the menu.


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