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Which content types can be added to pages?

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In the administration area, at Pages & Menu you can create your own individual pages. Here you get an overview of the different content elements, which can beembedded onto the pages.

Please note that not all content types can be combined with all page types.


Page types where ALL content types can be added:
- 00 Normal content page
- 01 News
- 04 Library
- 05 Recommendation
- 06 Reward
- 09 Vacancies
- 10 Bulletin board
- 11 Dates

Page types where NO content types can be added:

- 02 Chats
- 03 Profile
- 07 Logout
- 12 External Link
- 13 External app

Page types where CERTAIN content types can be added:

- 08 Help pages introduction
- 99 Public home

Detail description of the content elements:

Formatted text
Text which can be formatted via the editor.

Pure text

Text without formatting.


HTML code that can be inserted and subsequently displayed accordingly.

Link to page

Selection of pages which already exist in LOLYO, linking within LOLYO to other pages.

Link to external page

Link to a website outside of LOLYO.


Previously created polls can be inserted as content.

Feedback form

Previously created feedback forms can be inserted as content.

Push notifications (history)

A list of push notifications (incl. content) sent in the past can be displayed here.


A way to "scroll" through pages. You can alternately insert a block of paging / actual content to display each content separately.


Previously created content in the news section can be embedded with this type. You also have the possibility to filter by tags.

Embed file from library

Files (e.g. photos/videos) previously uploaded to the library can be directly inserted here as content.


The previously created content in the Library section can be added to a page. Here you also have the option to filter the content via tags.

Podcast (MP3, Library)

Podcast files from the library can be embedded and played with one click.


Previously created forms in the form section can be inserted as content.


Previously created appointments in the appointment section can be inserted as content.

Invite to the app

With this content type, you can very easily create a link through which employees can be invited to participate in LOLYO.

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