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How does the recruitment-through-recommendation-tool work?

Last Updated 3 years ago

Use the power of personal recommendations from your employees to boost your recruiting success. With the integrated recruitment-through-recommendations tool in LOLYO, this becomes a no-brainer.

1. Publish your vacancies in LOLYO and constantly ask your employees to share these vacancies using news posts, for example.

2. Employees can now share these jobs in personal social media networks with just one click with the smartphone's native sharing function or forward them directly to a potential applicant via email, WhatsApp or SMS (additional information for SMS).

3. If LOLYO's motivation system is activated, each employee then instantly earns points, which in turn can be redeemed in the goodie store.

By the way: it is often advisable to start another bonus program in addition to the motivation system, which promises employees an attractive non-cash bonus if they are actually hired.

4. This application then appears in the administration area under the heading Vacations.


5. If an application has been received, it will be highlighted with a badge in the menu.


6. Via the button Employees recruit employees you will find an overview of those employees who have recommended open positions and for whom an application has actually been received.


on a name in the list to display the referral activity of the individual employee.


Click on a job
 ad in the list to view the activity for that particular open position.


You can set a desired period very easily by clicking on the date.


7. Using this overview, you can easily manage your referral program and reward successful employee referrals.


8. In addition, there is also the possibility to reward successful job recommendations, which were generated with the integrated e-mail in LOLYO, with manual points. With each recommendation email from the LOLYO employee app, a unique code is sent along, which the candidate has to bring to the job interview.

9. If a permanent position is confirmed, this code can be used to reward the employee with points. Simply enter the code in Points for recommendations and award the points.

With the LOLYO employee app, all of your employees become active recruiters. We wish you a successful recruiting process!

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