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Is it possible to filter for certain content within a page?

Last Updated 3 months ago

With the tags in LOLYO you can structure and filter your content, such as news articles, documents, dates, goodies or even job offers, to simplify the handling of your posts.

In the options at news posts you have the possibility to define and create your tags in the post overview. You can also assign colors to the tags to make them even more visible.


These can then be assigned to any desired content (post, document, etc.). Multiple tags can also be created per content.

By creating various sub-pages, you can thus filter the output of the posts via the tags by assigning them to the page you want.

Step 1:

Go to the Administration area and select Pages & Menu from the menu.


Step 2:

Click Create a Site.


Step 3:

Select the desired page type on the right side, as well as the settings of groups and visibility. Then click Save.


Step 4:

Select the tags to display under Only show content with the following tags and click Save. This page now displays only the content that was previously tagged with the appropriate tags.


Alternative without tags:

If you do not want to use the tags, you can alternatively restrict the content to visibility/groups only:


If this option is activated, the content is only displayed on this page if the current user has visibility for the page itself.

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