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Can third-party systems be integrated into LOLYO?

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LOLYO offers several possibilities to integrate all your established services and applications very easily. Integrate your established digital services into the employee app simply and easily via a link. This gives your employees access to all your services and applications via LOLYO.

1. Integration of digital services via links

  • Link to web-based services
    Web-based functions and applications can be integrated by the administrator in just a few steps
  • Link to other apps
    Linking to apps is also very simple, but depends on the technical possibilities of the respective target app.

2. Connection of third-party systems via passive interface (only with LOLYO Enterprise)

Third-party systems can be very easily connected to the LOLYO system by yourself or your IT technicians via the passive JSON/REST interface. The interface description is available on request.

How it works:
The third-party system plays the data directly into the LOLYO system.

Examples of use:
Employee data synchronisation, integration of content in the news feed, synchronisation of job advertisements.

3. Connection of third-party systems via active interface (only with LOLYO Enterprise, offer on request)

If the desired third-party system does not offer the option of connection via LOLYO's passive interface, the desired data can be actively retrieved via LOLYO Sync.

LOLYO Sync is used to actively fetch data from the third-party system, convert it and then import it into the LOLYO system. In contrast to the passive interface, LOLYO becomes active here.

Application examples:
Employee data synchronisation, integration of content in the news feed, synchronisation of job advertisements, etc.

4 Single sign-on login - integration of Microsoft Entra ID (FKA AzureAD)

The integration allows your employees a Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication with the already existing AD access data. This makes the login process even easier for your employees.

When your employees log in to LOLYO, they now have the choice of which access data (LOLYO or AD) should be used for the login. If the login takes place via AD, the user is directed to the Microsoft login page, enters the corresponding access data here and is then directed back to the app. However, the user always remains in the employee app.

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