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How can individual point options be created?

Last Updated a year ago

In the administration area under Settings you will find the area for awarding points.
These are to be assigned individually.

TIP: However, make sure that the ratio is coordinated.

Award points manually

If you want to award points manually to individual employees, you have the possibility to create your own options and in succession use them to award points individually.


Step 1:

In the administration menu, go to Settings -> Custom Options.
Now click on New option.


Choose a Title, a unique Key (numbers and letters can be assigned, the only important thing is that the key is a unique string), and the number of Points to earn. Then click Save.


Step 2:

Now award points by selecting the option you just created and the person who should receive them. Click on Award for points.


Select the appropriate option and person or group. You could additionally send a push message.


Points can be awarded to single users as well as entire groups.


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